Saturday, June 18, 2011

Organizing Your Business -The Office Space-

The Container Store
"Bristol" Desktop File $24.99 each
So during my busy moving mode (Moving boxes, reorganizing everything I own) I decided my office/desk area needed a little attention. I actually started before moving, by purchasing some really nice portable file boxes at target. Here's a similar one from the container store shown on the right.

I now have a file system for my business documents as well as my household management. (recipes, bills, school papers, receipts)

I have files for each client that contains a CD with all the .pdf files used for their project in case reprints are needed, as well as my copies for their payment(s) from both etsy and PayPal. The folder also contains a form that includes all their contact information deadlines for their project, design notes, and misc. information.

SUPPLY and Demand 
As I work with a lot of paper in my business, I needed to find a good way to keep everything visible and neat. I found some great magazine organizers from Tuesday Morning that I can keep near my work area but nothings all over the place. My card stock is organized by color, and my scraps are kept again organized by color in the back of my desktop file.

Magazine Holder by bashfulbunnie on ETSY
My other supplies are kept organized in recycled boxes with lids left over from last Christmas. Each box is labeled with what it contains. As these supplies are used less then others this system works well for me. If you need to organize more frequently used supplies think about using clear storage containers to allow you to see what is within. (Best for when your in a mad dash attempting to look for a specific item)

My pens, markers, rulers and other items I need within reach for moments of inspiration are kept on my desk in small white pails I found in the dollar spot at Target. They are metal and about 4 in. tall and are a great decor addition as well as serving their organizing purpose. I also use glass jars up-cycled after holding our store bought salsa and other condiments.

To keep my in process orders in well order, I use a clip board system. The first holds my new orders, the second holds in process orders, and the third holds orders to be shipped. Each order has its own file so that after its shipped it can be placed straight into the filing system. I also have a small clipboard that holds all my receipts for supplies, shipping, and printing services. Each is hung on the wall to keep in plain sight so that I don't get behind while focusing on my full time job of MOM.

Alternatively I have seen boards with bulldog clips secured to them that can serve the same purpose.

Only leave out what you need to do day to day activities in your work space. These highly used items should be within sight and be neat to allow for you to do the most important thing, work on your business. Opposed to finding your blue marker that is now located under the couch on the other side of the room. I found these awesome paperclips that allow you to clip together what needs immediate attention, what needs filing, what needs to be read and so on.  (Again the dolor spot at Target)

When deciding where the printer goes or where to put other hardware, place them by frequency of use. If the printer is used on a daily basis keep it near you and accessible, not on the other side of the room. Organize the layout of your work space into zones. For instance I have my desk which encompasses all my files and order processing systems. This is my management area of my business/office. Next I have my staging area. This is currently my dining room table, but all the supplies I would need to assemble an order or process it for shipment is stored neatly below. Lastly, I have a reference center that contains books on paper crafts, manuals, magazines, and catalogs from my regular suppliers.

I hope this short run down of how I got my space to work for me, instead of against me inspires you to do the same. I will post regularly with tips and suggestions to get you more organized and waste less time.

Do you want to share your tips on organization? OR how you put together a system that works for you? - email me at

***DONT FORGET*** The team organization challenge due date is July 1st. Send me a before and after of your space to the e-mail above to enter. The team member with the best submission and ideas will win a set of 10 Spring Dahlia Thank You Cards with Cotton Envelopes - designed by me.

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